Here they be: the Hey, Arnold fics. So far all I've grappled with is Helga/Arnold futuristic stories, though I do have a Phoebe/Gerald futuristic epic planned! The deal is, all I'm going to write in this genre will take place from high school on up. I just don't feel that there is a need to expand further on their life as kids - Craig, the show's creator, and his team of writers have done a good enough job of that themselves.

Therefore, most of these stories are a tad mature. No *lemons*, as they're called, but there is the (gasp!) occasional expletive, and She's Killed Again! contains violence, as that is the essence of the story line. That is the only story I've posted here so far that I would consider an "R" rated story.

And so, I invite you Hey, Arnold fans who have matured, like I have, past this but still dwell here, turning these cartoon kids into adults who love and leave and fire and curse - I invite you to enjoy my bountiful collection. Fan art will be up this summer; as I am typing this my scanner is in Lukeville, but when I get back there, I will finish/scan the pictures I've sketched.

Post questions/concerns/compliments(?) in the guestbook, should you have them. Thanks for reading, and try not to be sickened by my unabashed love for Curly - he makes at least a cameo in everything I write, sometimes as the romantic interest even. ;) Prepare yourselves. We're not in Hogwarts anymore.

~ Mena "Still the Left Wing Bastard" Baines