Jenny's AWA 8 Pictures!

Me and another Rinoa!

Yet another Rinoa - and still I have my eyes closed!

Yuffie! Very cool - I don't see too many Yuffies who attempt the arm-sheild thingy.

Very pretty - wedding dress Yuna, methinks?

Vash and Legato, together at last! We kept passing by and waited forever for Vash to get up - for a long time he was reclining and smoking and we didn't want to bug him for a picture - but he looked so cool!

My favorite costume of the con - the Tonberry! With Shiva outside of the Final Fantasy Ball - one of my favorite pictures!

Tonberry again! I made my boyfriend stalk him and take massive pictures. :)

Me and Squall - THE Squall, from the ball cast, with his gunblade and everything! This guy was very friendly! Thanks for putting the ball together!

Me and another Squall - a female version!

Cool candid picture of Shiva wandering through the ball.

The hotel - I loved it! Very nice rooms, good room service, friendly staff - too bad they're tearing it down. :(

Me as Sakuya from Tenchi in Tokyo - kinda freaky picture of me, but the costume turned out really well, I think.

Sakuya looking dreamily out the window (at the beautiful view we had of a construction site!)

Card Captor Sakura!

French Maid Ryoko - the best!!! One of my favorite costumes at the con.

Me showing off my cute Rinoa wings - I don't know why I leaned against the wall, the pose looks a little ameuter-pornish!

Walking through the parking lot after lunch on Saturday . . .

Standing in front of a tree . . .

Me and Selphie!

Another of Selphie and I . . .

A cool Lulu we found in the hall by our room.

Lulu and I again

Me at Ruby Tuesday's

My boyfriend (as Cid Highwind) at Ruby Tuesday's

Cosplayer family . . . with pocky!

Panda and Cutie Honey

Me in front of the pool at Amerisuites - we walked over there to get cash for the snack stand because the ATM was broken at Sheraton, and their damn ATM was broken, too!!

Cid by the pool . . .

Me as Aeris before the Final Fantasy Ball

My cool Aeris hair - unfortunatly it fell out of its braid before the ball got underway, and we had to re-do it there as best we could . . .

These guys were cool . . . but the Mario who streaked onstage during the fashion show and humped the pipe will always stick out in my mind as THE Mario at AWA 8!

I have no idea what characters they were, but these dudes looked hip.

Fujin, Tonberry, Rinoa, and Neda - Neda, you were awesome! Thanks for teaching us how to waltz!

Yay, Final Fantasy VII people - Aeris, Tifa, and Tseng. I got a picture of everyone except the Barrett, who I didn't see until the fashion show.

A personal favorite, Ein.

Hmm, don't know who they were playing, but cool costumes!

Great costume - I think this was the same girl who did Garnet in her white gown last year??

Finally, a natural blonde Cloud! Damn, I wish I'd been wearing my Aeris when I found this guy! Oh well - beside him is the main character from Kingdom Hearts with the, er, keyblade?? I don't have that game yet but I want it . . .

Cid by a tree

My boyfriend and I at the ball, as Cid and Aeris (strange couple, I know . . . we were going to do Cid and Shera but I didn't feel like wearing a lab coat.)

Some gals with cool costumes

Rinoa, Irvine and Quistis from the ball

Ash of Pokemon fame

And finally . . . my boyfriend was so excited about this guy's shirt he had to take a picture. DEBIAN RULES!

Well, that's pretty much it! Hope you guys enjoyed the pictures - if you have any comments or want to fill in the blanks on the costumes I didn't know the names for, you can email or IM me at Thanks!