House: Gryffindor

Nationality: French

Clubs: Girls Dueling, Head Cheerleader of Gryffindor, Founder of Anti-Dark Arts, and member of Care of Magical Creatures.

Favorite Subject: Defense against Dark Arts

Year: Seventh Year

Hello, everyone!!!! My name is Bernadette Schaffer, and I go to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. My House is suprisingly, Gryffidor. I always thought I would be Slytherin because of who I hanged out with in my childhood. The person I hanged out in my childhood is Draco Malfoy, but Draco wasnt as vicious as he is now. One of the experiences with I had with Draco Malfoy was horrible, and I ACTUALLY got some of the dark arts in me.

Well this is what happened when I was nine years old, and Dracos father was away attending to some business of some kind. So Draco decided it would be the perfect time for me to come over because Lucious thought I was inferior in Malfoys bringing up.

My parents were anti-dark arts and were killed by Voldermort. Now I currently live with my Aunt Cordelia and Uncle Gilbert Schaffer.

But back to my story... Draco and I decided to explore the dungeons under his house. We first started with the dungeon underneath the kitchen. I didnt like this idea, but Malfoy was my ONLY friend at the time.

Draco decided we should go through the boxes all along the floor. The first box I opened had an enchantment on it. When I opened it my body began to feel very cold and chills went up and down my back, but after my mind began to settle I searched through the box for anything out of the ordinary. When I picked up a book I heard a scuffling across the floor along with a murmur of words.

Draco suddenly jumped and told me I had to get out of there because his father was home. I all at once was frightened because you dont want to be caught in Lucious Malfoys dungeon searching through dusty boxes.

Draco soon showed me a secret passage way out of his house, and I was freed from my terrors becoming reality. When I laid my head upon my pillow that night I felt a sharp pang in my head, but I considered it nothing.

The next day I got my letter from Hogwarts saying I was accepted, and I was on my way over to Dracos when I felt someone in my head say DONT and I didnt.

So youve heard my story of being enchanted in Dracos dungeon, but I still consider the pangs nothing because nothing has happened yet. BUT their is always tomorrow.

The End

Authors Note: If anyone would like to draw a picture of Bernadette you are welcome to, but I would prefer that she is drawn with brown hair and violet eyes. If this is not acceptable for you choose you her face as you like. :)

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