Ohayoo gozaimasu! (G'morning). I'm off for Spring Break today at 2, but I've been thinking lately of adding to this page an anthology of all the fanfiction I've written (the non-series Potter stuff I wrote as Kain, and other non-Potter stuff, ex. Hey, Arnold and Final Fantasy). Whatt'a do you guys think? E-mail me at Materiamouse@hotmail.com with questions/concerns ... keep in mind I won't be able to answer until April 1st, when I'm back here at my comp.

If you're interested in reading what I'm working on right now, it amounts to a Hey, Arnold series, and can be found on Fanfiction.Net under the name Heidi G. Patacki. Titled "Christmas in Brooklyn". Why am I doing a Christmas series in nearly April? Why ask why? ;)

Another thing: NOT to get your hopes up, but I was reading a continuation of my story that another girl was working on, and it kinda made me want to write my own ... so I might put together a little Hermione/Nail/Harry one time deal just for kicks ... MIGHT! :) Anyway, I'm off, talk to you all soon :P ~ Mena