Goodbye for Good

Well, I give up. I completely give up. You all are impossible. I can't do anything right in your opinion. So fine, have it your way. Cork the champagne, I'm leaving for good. This site will never again be touched. Not by me, and probably not by Mena. It will stay this way forever and ever.

I tried so hard to make this a better site. I just wanted everything to be clear. I kept open Hogwarts for you. I made another guestbook *just* for all the people who chat there: Thea, *b*, aMy, Glossy, Crystal Music, all of you. But you just couldn't like me, could you?

It's no wonder Mena will never come back. It's no wonder she took so long to finish. You can't *ever* be pleased. She was probably terrified of you all. And now, she's finally finished, and all you can do is bitch. The failure of this site is all your fault.

So goodbye, tata, ciao! You've broken a perfectly happy girl! I hope you're all proud. Oh and Glossy? You can take that lousy picture and shove it up your ass.