" And I tried to tell you before ...

Hey guys, its Mena. Well, I hoped Marilyn would have fun sprucing up the site, but obviously the whole endeavor didn't go over well. I don't blame her for leaving; the 'Golden Days' of Harry Potter on the internet are long over, and the fans are just as brutal as any of the Final Fantasy fanfiction audiences I've dealt with (actually ... more brutal!). The series is just too mainstream now; what with Harry Potter jelly beans at every Blockbuster, and ugly plastic figurines of Hermione at every Wal-Mart. I don't know what happened to J.K. Rowling but I'm really surprised with her utter and blatent embrace of commercialism.

Anyway, as I final note, I am still writing, mostly original stuff now. And I will probably see the Harry Potter movie at some point for old times sake. I'd also like to say that I really miss the newsletter days, when it was so exciting to get reactions to each week's story in my mailbox. I'm sure you guys miss those days too! I'm sorry that I lost interest, but part of it was just my exhastion with endless demands. You try not to take it seriously, but even people on the internet can get to you in a small way. I don't know if it ruined the Harry Potter series for me (or if its utter popularity did), but it may have been a small part of the reason.

Well, farewell! I hope you can find someone else who devotes time and energy to a great, personal site. Until then, there's always the wonderous Fanfiction.net, with its mix of fabulous future writers and ridiculously bad first-grade writers who somehow got ahold of the computer. :) More power to em' all.

Thanks for the memories -- Mena R. Baines ~

" ...That that's why I left California." --Liz Phair