Here are some of my favorite links, some Harry Potter, others not. :)

Hogwarts Online Great collection of stories that take place throughout all timeslots in Harry Potter.

Encyclopedia Mythica --I love, love, LOVE this site, it's a great reference for anything supernatural or mythological-- I've mentioned it in several of my fanfics!

Aeris Shrine -- Poor Aeris! She died! This site cracks me up-- and I thought I was obsessed with Final Fantasy VII! You MUST read the My Personal Opinion section-- I can't tell you how many times Wes and I had a good laugh over this... but really it is kind of sad! At least go here and listen to the pretty music.

The Minus Man This site scares the CRAP out of me in broad daylight-- but it's great! Really well done, and Owen Wilson finally gets a starring role! Yee-ha!

-- This site kicks my butt. Awsome, AWSOME site for anime comics. Here you can find pics of Quistis, the FF8 character I've always imagined McGonagall to look like. Lots of Playstation-related fan stuff.

Click on the image to view the greatest creation of modern man....