Welcome to the new site! The old 'Hermione's World' design was getting messy, and really having less and less to do with Harry Potter, so I created this one as a jumping off point to my various sites.

The title "We Danced Anyway" is the name of a country song, but nevermind that. Its meaning, to me, is the proposed title of a reality show idea I have that is based on a dream ... six people living in a cabin in the woods, trying to find their respective ways home on foot. Its complicated, mostly just fodder for my fantasies of having intelligent conversations in an anti-society enviroment.

Political statements aside, not much has changed about the site. If you're looking for either 'Summer's End', my Hey, Arnold! site, or 'Hermione's World', the Harry Potter mecca, just click on 'websites', and you will find them there, unchanged! The guestbook is still up on Hermione's World, don't worry.

This page is more of a personal space for me, where I'll keep the web diary, message board, and favorite links. Please post any questions about the site, comments about the blog, or personal questions, in the message board - I read it nearly every day!

~ Mena "That Sugar Cane That Tasted Good" Baines ;)