The Hermione Stories

Happy Birthday Hermione -- Mena's first Harry Potter fanfiction and the reason for this page. (posted: November 8th, 1999)

Hermione and the New Boy -- A vampire is after Hermione. (posted: November 13th, 1999)

Hermione and the New Girl--Part One -- Rosa arrives at Hogwarts. (posted: November 20th, 1999)

Hermione and the New Girl--Part Two -- Hermione vs. Rosa. (posted: November 26th, 1999)

Hermione's Date -- Hermione's first "date." (posted: December 3rd, 1999)

Hermione's Bad Idea--Part One -- Harry is a wimp- Hermione takes matters into her own hands. (posted: December 10th, 1999)

Hermione's Bad Idea--Part Two -- Problems with Draco. (posted: December 17th, 1999)

Hermione and the Silver Boots -- Hermione gets a gift from McGonagall. (posted: December 21, 1999)

Hermione and the Muggles -- Hermione's first *real* kiss. (posted: December 24, 1999)

Hermione Meets the Dursleys -- Hermione goes looking for Harry. (posted: December 30th, 1999)

Hermione and the Secret Plan -- Time travel ensues. (posted: January 7th, 2000)

Hermione and the Quidditch Team--Part One -- Mysterious epidemic at Hogwarts... (posted: January 16th, 2000)

Hermione and the Quidditch Team--Part Two -- The Big Game. (posted: January 23rd, 2000)

Hermione and The Unexpected Visitor--Part One -- Nail shows up at school. (posted: January 31st, 2000)

Hermione and the Unexpected Visitor--Part Two -- Hermione and Harry fight, make up, and fight some more. (posted: Febuary 7th, 2000)

Hermione Vs. the Harry Potter Fan Club -- Valentine's Day. (posted: February 14th, 2000)

Hermione and the Traitor -- Buddy/Teresa issue. More Nail. (posted: February 22nd, 2000)

Hermione and Minerva--Part One-- More time traveling, Hermione meets Lily Potter. (posted: February 29th, 2000)

Hermione and Minerva--Part Two -- Hermione completes her mission. (posted: March 10th, 2000)

Hermione's Night on the Town -- Fun and games in Muggle town. (posted: March 21st, 2000)

Hermione's Holiday--Part One -- The gangs goes to Rosa's place in New York for Spring Break. (posted: March 31st, 2000)

Hermione's Holiday--Part Two -- Percy's wedding goes awry. (posted: April 5th, 2000)

Hermione and the Lost Man-- Part One -- Harry learns about his father. (posted: April 13th, 2000)

Hermione and the Lost Man--Part Two -- Harry and James meet face to face; Draco is kidnapped. (posted: April 24th, 2000)

Hermione's Dance -- Back at Hogwarts, students prepare for the battle against Voldemort; Hermione has another visitor from beyond the grave. (posted: July 11, 2000)

Hermione's Destiny -- The last installment!! (posted: February 23, 2001)