Fan Art

Here are Mena's Harry Potter cartoons, all drawn by her. They are sort of anime style, so don't freak out, okay? There's an example on the main page-- the picture of Hermione in the lavender dress is some of her work.

Mena's suggestion for drawing in a similar style is doing nothing but reading online dojinshi all day and drinking a lot of Coca-Cola. She used to stay up until, well, the next day, and go without sleep for 50+ hours, due to her anime obsession. Henceforth, she learned how to draw it. Hey, it worked for her!

Pictures with a * in front are black and white. All the comments are from Mena!

Pictures Based on Series

Mascot Picture This is the picture of Harry and Hermione that was on the old page-- it's my favorite of all the pics.

Hermione and Harry This one is cute, but it looks better in real life. It's actually a scene from a future story.

Wedding Picture Picture of James and Lily on their wedding day. Sirius is here also, he's a real babe. :)

*Better version of the Wedding Picture I liked this one before I colored it.

Harry and the Gang Ginny, Ron, Harry, Hermione and Draco...why did I draw Draco standing with them? He looks like he's doing ballet... :) Ugh. This was one of the first HP pics I ever drew.

*The Weird Picture Um...this picture is strange in many ways. Hermione and Harry dressed up in traditional wizard/witch gear, and not looking very happy about it. I was in weird mood when I drew this.

Colored version of the Weird Picture Hermione's hair is really dark here-- but they both look happier than they did in the black and white version!

*The Bodyguard Hermione's fantasy of saving Harry's life-- it's blurry because it's supposed to be a dream-like thing...but the JPG version is crap. I'll fix this one later, cause it's one of my favorites.

Colored Version of The Bodyguard Okay, this looks a lot better now! :)

Don't stand too close to an angry Cho Chang... Scene from the Valentine's Day issue.

Hey, look-- it's Nail! Hermione looks like a goober here. I like Nail's shirt... hehe, too bad I spelled Metallica wrong... doh.

Poor little wizard boy Harry looks pitiful here. Awww...

Poor little wizard boy 2 Heh... this is not a great picture but it's cute.

Rosa and Draco Another Rosa and Draco pic... he doesn't look evil enough here. Rosa is wearing Harry's shirt. :)

Nail Daydreaming Aww... isn't unrequited love cute?

Clio and Ron How do I hate this picture? Let me count the ways. Clio looks way too orange, her tatoo turned out looking like a blue and orange scab (it's supposed to be a comet...sniff!) and her hair is completely wrong. Also Ron is supposed to be standing, but I didn't leave enough room so he's in this weird squatting position... lol, but Clio's dress is really cute. I hope everyone gets a good laugh out of this disaster. ;)

Percy's Wedding The gang from Hermione's Holiday part two-- from left to right: Ginny, Penelope, George, Fred, Ron getting strangled by Fred, and Clio. Percy was orginially in this picture, but he looked really bad and seemed kind of out of place, so I cut him out.

Scene from the "wedding" Hermione looks worried, Harry messes with his tie. I don't know why I drew this, but for some reason it's really cute.

5th Year Memories... Harry carries Cho's books-- she almost looks innocent here, doesn't she?

*Draco, Rosa, Hermione, Harry, Ron and Ginny They're just kind of standing around here-- this is a good picture of Rosa.

*Slumber Party Ginny, Rosa, Hermione, Lavender, Cho and Pavartti, at a sort of Hogwarts slumber party. This picture is really goofy...but Hermione looks cool.

*Scenes from Happy Birthday Hermione Hermione sulks, eats lunch with Harry and Ron, talks to a really badly drawn Professor McGonagall, and watches Harry get injured during Quidditch with Ron and Neville. WARNING: Ron's hair is really weird.

*Scenes from Hermione and the New Boy Hermione meets Vincent with Ron in class, is rudely awakened by Ron's wand, gets cornered by Vincent, and hugs Ron and Harry. Ron's hair is still weird.

*Christmas Eve Harry, awake with his burden. Scene from Hermione and the Muggles. This really needs to be colored...Hermione looks majorly goofy. :)

*Rosa and Draco Rosa and Draco sitting around...Draco is wearing a tux...don't ask! :) Rosa's hair is really dorky here, and one eye is too big!! But Draco looks cute, and appropriatly evil.

*What does she see in him? Another Rosa and Draco picture. Here they're sitting at desk of some kind...Rosa looks cute but Draco looks a bit odd... why does he always look so effeminate when I draw him?

*Lily Potter Harry's mom in her younger days. She looks a lot like Sailor Moon here. :)

*Three Musketeers I finally draw the cliched Ron, Harry, Hermione pic! Only mine is in Chibi style... mwhahaha! Chibi is the Japanese cartoon style that involves small people who look like they're 8 years old. So far as I can tell. Sorry, I tried to draw Harry's glasses but it looked forget um! :)

*Harry kisses Hermione Well, almost. Why is Hermione's arm yellow? The world may never know. Grr...this looked better in pencil.

*Gryffindor Quidditch Team Here's the team as it was in Harry's 1st year-- from left to right: Angelina Johnson, Fred Weasley, George Weasley, Harry, Oliver Wood, Alicia Spinnet and Katie Bell.

Random Insanity

Oscar Pictures! What would the gang wear if they got invited to the Oscars? I drew these during the awards. :)

"Just don't ask, dear." Harry contemplates the strange behavior of Muggles.

What if... The Harry gang had grown up in America? Harry would be sagging, Hermione would punk out, Ron would be a junvenille delinquent with an eyebrow ring, and Draco would look on in disgust. ;)

Clio and Nail This falls under random insanity because they're dressed here as Turks-- I think they'd be perfect for the job! See Final Fantasy VII for more info.

Pictures Drawn for Friends

Hermione and Harry Reading Drawn for my buddy Emily's page

*Old School Drawn expressly at the request of Icy. From left to right: James, Lily, Icy (hehe) and Siris. They're wearing prep school clothes, cause I can't draw robes. ;)

Pictures Drawn By Friends

Pictures Drawn by Lily You must look at these! They are so good--practically professional! A picture of Clio can be found here.

Pictures By Diana Also known as the girl who threw up. ;) I hope Diana will draw me some more Harry Potter pics, the one of Tom Riddle is great!

Artwork from Magazines

Harry Goes Hollywood Here's a picture I got from Entertainment Weekly-- Harry looks like he's getting a big head.

Cover Boy Another EW pic of Harry--this one was on the cover of the year's most interesting people issue.