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Christmas in Brooklyn

My most acclaimed series on Fanfiction.Net, worth a read even if you're not a die-hard fan of the show. A supernatural-esque Christmas tale with ghosts, long-lost loves, cigarettes and Japanese grandmothers.

Part One: Canada

Part Two: Vermont

Part Three: The Sunset Arms

Part Four: PS-118

Part Five: Waltz #2

Part Six: Violins


After graduation, Helga spends her last night at home with Arnold. This is the best Hey, Arnold fic I've written, in my opinion. I thought Helga was pretty in-character, and I still like the bit about the pigeon documentary . . . ;)

" This town is a song about you . . ."

New! Art inspired by the story, drawn by DrkDarkage. Thanks for the beautiful picture!

She's Killed Again!

Something I'm currantly working on - darker than the other fics I've done in this fandom, but more light-hearted, too, if that makes sense. Its a dark comedy about Arnold and Phoebe as FBI agents, Helga as a cold-blooded femme fatale, Curly as a loveable hit man, and Rhonda as a movie-star, megalomaniac, and damsel-in-distress.

Part One: Crime Scenes


My outright humor section - so far it only contains 'An Inverse Ode to Sid's Nose', my poetic rant against that sexually explicit hot dog on Sid's face.

An Inverse Ode to Sid's Nose

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