The Hermione/Harry Saga The original epic that you all know and love. For those of you who haven't encountered it, its an H/H story that takes place during their seventh year. Believe it or not, it was once ground-breaking. ;)

Non-series stories

Originally posted under my Fanfiction.Net pen name "Kain".

Baby, Things Change A dark future story that takes place at Ron's funeral. Harry and Hermione, now spurned lovers, meet again for the first time in years.

Cornado II The title is borrowed from the Polaris song of the same name - Cornado II is about dissappointment, premature victory, and a sleepy last chance. Told from Harry's point of view on the night after graduation.

Everywhere Penelope thinks back on her relationship with Percy following his death in the wizarding war.

A Quick One While He's Away In the midst of the wizarding war, Draco takes lieutinant Potter's dissapearance as an opportunity to move in on his medic girlfriend, the mourning but not humorless Hermione . . .

About the War ... What's the deal with this war I keep writing about, anyway? This piece explains it somewhat, in lecture format, narration curtosey of Professor Binns . . . There is a bizarre poem strung through this in the meantime. Heralded as being one of the weirdest things I ever wrote.

Lazy Boy A lighthearted piece about Ron wasting away a summer day with Hermione. I don't really like this fic, but it did get good reviews, for some reason. Maybe because it was the only Ron/Hermione fic I ever did.

Hogwarts Summer Camp The hideous fist installment of a series I will never finish. Crossover with Pokemon/Final Fantasy VII, Star Wars and God only knows what else . . . Anakin Skywalker hits on Hermione. Worth a read for a good laugh's sake, at least.

They Rebuilt the Panthenon in Memphis, Tennesee Space Ghost interviews Harry Potter on his show. One of the best things I ever wrote.

Final Fantasy Stuff

I might make a page for this during summer, who knows. For now, I thought I throw it here. Originally posted under the name "Neo Mouse" on Fanfiction.Net.

The Skies of Alexandria My Beatrix/Steiner fic. So far I've only written two parts, the parts that deal with what takes place in the actual game. I was planning to write out the whole Beatrix journey from her point of view . . . I guess a conclusion will depend on whether or not I finish replaying the game this summer.

Part Two

The Married Life of Angels One of the best humor fics I've ever written - somehow. Its awful. I mean BAD. But for some reason its REALLY funny. Its in screenplay form, and worth a read at least for the Pokemon cracks the McDonald's drive-thru scene.

Final Fantasy Television Shows! A good idea that didn't really pan out if you ask me, but for some reason it gets rave reviews on Fanfiction.Net. Mostly FFIX characters, though Sephiroth stars in one of the shows.