The Complete Fan Works of Mena Baines

Harry Potter

The Hermione/Harry Saga

About the War ...

A Quick One While He's Away

Baby, Things Change

Cornado II


Hogwarts Summer Camp

Lazy Boy

They Rebuilt the Panthenon in Memphis, Tennesee

Final Fantasy (VII - IX)

Final Fantasy Television Shows!

The Married Life of Angels

The Skies of Alexandria Part Two

Hey, Arnold!

An Inverse Ode to Sid's Nose

Christmas in Brooklyn Part One: Canada Part Two: Vermont Part Three: The Sunset Arms Part Four: PS-118 Part Five: Waltz #2 Part Six: Violins

She's Killed Again! Part One: Crime Scenes



Room for the Holy Ghost

The Night We Never Met

All non-series material and characters here copyright Mena Baines, 1999-2001. All Final Fantasy, Harry Potter, Hey Arnold, and X-Files characters, etc. are property of Squaresoft, JK Rowling, Craig Bartlett, Nickelodeon, Chris Carter and Fox, respectively, and were in no way created by me.